∴ Gaze into the Balefire and seize the blade within ∴

The Balefire forge is home to Chris Adams, maker of historical and fantasy swords and blades for the historical fencing community. Chris’s bespoke Balefire creations are one-of-a-kind pieces, bringing his customers’ visions to life.

Together with writer and leatherworker Alicia Lewis, Chris strives to bring the fantastical back into the world of historical fencing.

We are currently taking custom orders for Autumn 2023

The Balefire Emporium is where our limited ranges of high-quality entry-level swords are sold. These are crafted with the aim of putting beautiful fencing tools in the hands of as many historical fencers as possible, sharing the joy that fencing has brought to our own lives.

Here, too, you may find complementary items to aid you on your quest: care kits to prolong the life of your blade, items of personal protection, and limited edition books about our craft.

Sit by the Balefire a while, and see where fancy takes you…

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Home to one-off pieces, limited ranges of entry level swords, swordcare, books and personal protection.


Browse our past commissions and gain inspiration for your own bespoke Balefire piece.

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Balefire Blades is a labour of love, which we have been very lucky to turn into our livelihood. We hope to spend a great many years creating bespoke artisanal weapons for our international community of historical fencers.

If you love what we do, take a look at our Patreon. For as little as £3 per month, you can join the quest, keep the Balefire burning, and access a growing library of essays, images and behind-the-scenes musings on smithing and swordlore.