The Reverent Partisan

∴ A Proud Polearm∴

Step, two three. Step, two three. Step, two three. Halt. You sweep the wooden shaft under your arm, taking a half-step forward and dipping your head in respect to the mounted captain.

Your downcast eyes cannot help but catch the morning light gleaming from the partisan’s blade. You resist the urge to twist the polearm in your hand, letting light play from its swooping curves. It is a thing of beauty – your partner in this half-drill-half-dance. Yet it is also a tool of war – and as much pride as you once found in pageantry, you came here to fight, not to dance.

“Very good,” the captain calls, breaking your long-practiced rote. “At last you have perfected your reverences. At last I see soldiers, ready to learn. Ready to obey. Today your real lessons begin.”

∴ Specs ∴

Based on illustrations from Johann Georg Pascha’s treatise, this fencing-ready partisan head consists of an long, narrow blade and prominent, curved lugs.

While not intended for full contact sparring, the longer blade lends itself to increased flex, assisting in preventing injury during drilling.

  • Weight 640g
  • Total blade length 35.5cm
  • Flexible blade length 29cm
  • Socket and langet length 20cm
  • Width 19cm
  • Socket diameter 30-20mm


∴ Notes ∴

The blade is ready to attach to a 30mm diameter shaft, via twin langets extending from the socket. The base of the blade bears decorative carving, recalling the partisan’s long history of ceremonial use.

∴ Gallery ∴

Ready to take on a polearm? Get in touch to order your partisan blade or discuss your ideas.

2 Comments on “The Reverent Partisan

  1. I’m interested! Milwaukee Swordplay Academy is looking at adding polearms to the curriculum. How much are these, please?


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