Experimental rapier blades

∴ An experiment in extremities ∴

When a customer requested a matched pair of rapier blades, designed for both single-handed and double-handed use, we couldn’t resist the chance to experiment.

While the blades and tangs needed to be elongated for two-handed use, the client also required that we keep the weight as low as possible for comfortable single-handed use.

Chris hollow-ground each blade from 8mm stock and added deep, pierced fullers.

The result? Two 48″ rapier blades weighing 600g each.

∴ Specs ∴

  • Weight 600g
  • Point of balance 31cm from ricasso
  • Total length 148cm
  • Blade length 122cm
  • Tang length 26cm
  • Blade width 1.5cm


∴ Notes ∴

A deeply fullered and pierced 8mm ricasso leads on to an equally worked forte with hollow ground edges. The end of the large fuller in the mid section corresponds with the start of a more typical rapier section with a narrow fuller, accomplishing a fencing flex in the last quarter of the blade.

The 8mm thick tang lends itself to two-handed use while also creating a subtle back balance, lightening the feel of the tip for single-handed use.

Feeling experimental? Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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