The Hedera Partisans

∴ A Woodland Encounter ∴

You curse as your toe catches a trip-wire of ivy. The floor is thickly carpeted with the stuff – centuries of tangled growth vying for a sporadic dappling of sunlight. It gives the shaded glen an ancient aspect, and you wonder when the last wayfarer dared disturb it.

Reaching the edge of the clearing, you lean against the deep-lined bark of an oak tree, noting the ivy burrowing its way upward through the crevasses. You reach for the water skin at your side, then utter a short shout of surprise as something drops from the branches above you.

Heart pounding, you stare as the creature straightens itself before you. An elfin woman, features pale and angular, dressed in worn brown leathers. Her hands are clasped around a hewn wooden staff, crowned with a slender leaf-shaped blade.

Her eyes betray no emotion as she tilts the tapered tip toward you and demands,

“What business have you here, trespasser?”

∴ Specs ∴

Made to our client’s specifications, these leaf-shaped partisan heads feature broad, elongated blades and short, angled lugs. Due to their brief length, these partisans do not have our standard “sparring safe” flex. We make them under the assumption that they will be used for controlled drilling. While not intended for full contact sparring, the blade features blunt edges and a swollen tip, minimising risk of injury while drilling.



  • Weight: 668g
  • Blade length: 38cm
  • Blade span: 16cm
  • Socket and langet length: 20cm
  • Socket diameter: 30-20cm
  • Sparring-safe edges, flex and swollen tip





∴ Notes ∴

The blades are ready to attach to 30mm diameter shafts via twin langets attached to the sockets. A small decorative ridge rises from the top of the socket and into the blade.

∴ Gallery ∴


Looking for a historical or fantasy polearm? Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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