The Bellifortis Flail

∴ A Heroic Improbability∴

Time does not grind so much as thud to a standstill, leaving you staring at your adversary, hands tight around the mahogany haft.

In that second-between-seconds, you almost want to laugh at the preposterousness of the situation. That it should all end here, on this field, not with a sword but a peasant’s tool repurposed. You know the stakes.

A miss at this measure will send the twin balls spinning round behind you, pulling you off balance at best, breaking your ribs at worst. Even a direct hit will result in a hideous pause before you can bring the haft up to protect yourself from a return blow. A perfectly executed strike will take time, or a miracle. And time is something you don’t have.

With a roar a whisper away from mania, you wheel your shoulder round and set the chains in motion.

∴ Specs ∴

A lighter cousin of our Chaos Candle Flail, this “munition style” mangual is designed for measured solo drilling. Featuring two small, solid balls on lengths of pinched chain, this flail provides an exciting counterpart to the montante.

Our bespoke flails can be made to order from £400.

  • Weight: 1520g
  • Chain length: 69cm
  • Haft length: 90cm
  • Ball diameter: 3cm

∴ Notes ∴

The octagonal haft is made from mahogany, and lightly scorched for aesthetic effect. The balls, chains, endcap and anchor are oil blackened, with subtle engraving on the loop attaching the chains to the haft.

∴ Gallery ∴

Ready to try your hand at the mangual? Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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