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The Demeter Daggers

∴ A Kindred Calling ∴

“It’s time,” she says.

For years you’ve trained for this moment, but she’s been preparing far longer. For every kindness, a caution. For every peal of laughter, a pertinent lesson.

She is kneeling beside you now, placing the plain wooden casket on the silk-strewn divan. She gestures for you to open it, and you hesitate, willing the dawn dark longer.

She places her battle-lined hand over yours, and together you draw back the lid. The daggers lie like ivy and oak, distinct yet bound by their very nature. Enchanted, you trace the silvery spiralling grips, the blackened swooping guards.

“They’re beautiful,” you murmur.

“And fatal,” she replies.

∴ Specs ∴

Despite their individual styles, these bespoke daggers maintain a kindred aesthetic. The blades are tested to SCA flexibility requirements, ready for action on the field of battle.

Working to our client’s sketches, we made one of the daggers in the image of a scaled-down arming sword, with short quillons, decorative fullers, and a nagel for hand protection. Its counterpart features long, downturned quillons, a carved ring, and an elaborately fluted pommel.

Similar bespoke daggers would start at £500 each plus postage.

Nagel Dagger

Ring Dagger

∴ Notes ∴

Both daggers feature hand-carved, oil-blackened furniture with a matte, antique finish. The hardwood grips are carved to shape and wrapped in twisted steel wire.

∴ Gallery ∴

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