The Maristella Scabbard

∴ Simple Elegance ∴

When our client requested a scabbard, hanger and belt for the intricately decorated Maristella Smallsword, I was keen to create something that would compliment the maritime themes of the hilt without distracting from the detail of the sword itself.

Thus a simple, elegant wooden-cored scabbard was created, with a steel mouth and chape. Black leather is wet-formed secured around the hand-carved core with a cross-stitched seam.

The simplicity of the piece suggests a sleek military look, while subtle details such as the periwinkle-like spiral on the chape tie into the sword’s maritime theme.

∴ Suspension ∴


The Maritime theming is more apparent in the buckled frog and accompanying belt, both of which continue the black and steel aesthetic of the sword and scabbard.

Both pieces feature a ropework border, and buckles with small scallop-like engravings. Chris hand-forged the belt buckle with a subtle hammered finish, reminiscent of a seashell worn by the waves.

This hanger became the inspiration for my later range of standalone leather frogs, its adjustable straps and flared, weight-dispersing shapre in turn influenced by an antique piece shared by the client. In order to stop the scabbard from sliding within the three straps, I added a pair of cord risers underneath the leather of the scabbard, gently holding the frog in place without changing the sleek look of the whole.


∴ Gallery ∴

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