The Serpentyne Longsword

∴ A Sinuous Weave∴

You wake from dreams of serpents.

Always the same: a nest of writhing coils. The cool, glassy sensation of scales against skin. The wordless hiss as the creature stretches its shovel-shaped head toward your ear. Then the gloomy quiet of wakefulness.

Disgruntled, you pull yourself out of bed and lean to light a lantern. Clutching the meagre light-bringer, you slip out onto the cool marble landing. Two months you’ve been a guest in this strange, silent house. And for two months, the snakes have come by night, invading your dreams, insistent, imparting unknowable warnings.

Something catches your eye as you make your way to the bathroom – a door ajar. Could it be that your inscrutable host forgot to lock his study? Consumed by curiosity, you peer through the gap. The lantern’s glow refracts from row upon row of straight, steel blades. Not a study, then – an armoury.

Heart pounding, you step through the door and pull it closed behind you, taking in the splendour and the sheer number of swords. Then you see it.

A black iron serpent, subtle and sinuous, recoiled around itself – and around a long, fullered blade. Entranced, you reach for it, fingers brushing the serpentine guard before curling around the green leather grip. And suddenly, you understand.

∴ Specs ∴

A pleasure to craft, this fantasy-inspired longsword came with a largely open brief, allowing for creative hand-forged touches such as the iconic entwined serpent.

True to its name, it is balanced to excel in winding and binding actions, the thicker stock allowing the blade to rotate well and remain stiff in forte, without increasing weight.

A similar bespoke longsword would start at £1000 plus postage.

  • Weight: 1600g
  • Total length: 121.5cm
  • Blade length: 95cm
  • Blade width: 4.5cm at base
  • Grip length: 21cm
  • Grip and pommel length: 25.5cm
  • Quillon span: 25cm
  • Point of Balance: 9cm
  • Sparring-safe edges, flex and rounded tip

∴ Notes ∴

The hardwood grip is wrapped first in strong linen thread, and then in mottled green leather. The hand-forged snake crossguard and carved spherical pommel have been blackened and selectively polished, bringing out the finer details.

The blade features a single, deep fuller with the sword’s name engraved within.

∴ Gallery ∴

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