The Gaia Eco-Swords

∴ A Force of Nature ∴

The scent of the earth is dark, damp and fragrant with herbs and minerals. Dappled sunlight plays against closed eyelids as a symphony of dry beech leaves rises to answer the whispering breeze. You smile at the sound, but do not stir.

Sprawled on a moss-shrouded bank, you feel stones and roots pressing into your spine. Theirs is a welcome caress, as you stretch your road-weary limbs. Tomorrow you’ll reach the city, if all goes well. There will be tourneys, feasts and a warm bed to return to. But somehow, here, in your earth-rich bower, you cannot relish the thought.

Sighing, you press yourself up from the soil and take your longstick in your hands. Your fingers play over the knots and whorls in its dense bark. You wonder what the knights and ladies of the court will make of such a weapon. Crossguard it has not, nor jewel-encrusted pommel – but it is a good stick.

Yes. It is a good stick.

∴ Specs ∴

As a small artisan business, love and respect for our natural world are key to our ethos. After months of searching for a truly green sword alternative, and much rigorous testing, we’re proud to present the Gaia eco-swords.

Based on historical sticks from the late 14th Century, our range of eco-swords offer a simple elegance with an enchanted-forest aesthetic – as well as a green, affordable alternative to the conventional steel sword.

The range includes great sticks, long sticks and short sticks, covering a multitude of fencing styles and forming an enviable matched set. In a pinch, our eco-swords also double as walking sticks, fire pokers, staffs and ceremonial wands.

Cut sustainably from local ash, the Gaia eco-swords will bring a little bit of the Sussex woodlands to your next fencing class or tournament.

Prices and specs will vary according to the length you require. Contact us for details.

∴ Notes ∴

Each eco-sword features a unique, organic pattern of knots, bark and lichen. The hardwood is left bare, with the natural woodgrain showing through. Subject to a small extra charge, a simple symbol, word or monogram of your choice can be carved into it.

∴ Gallery ∴

Want to be a truly green knight? Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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