The Castilia Scabbard

∴ A Complete Set ∴

The Castilia rapier is an enduring favourite with our followers, and exhibits a subtle 17th Century Spanish aesthetic. Our client liked the look of our basic frog and belt sets, but wanted to add something of the same Spanish to the design. Between us we discussed a variety of traditional Spanish designs, highlighting in particular the vine patterns in extant leather and woodwork.

I based the final tooling pattern on a rough sketch provided by the client, and created variations on the theme for the belt, the frog, and the scabbard itself. The dark brown of the leather is set off by hammered brass fittings and copper rivets, while the scabbard benefits from a thick leather chape and mouth for added durability.

Due to the simple and versatile style of the frog and belt, the scabbard can easily be worn on either hip, ideal for an ambidextrous fencer.

∴ A Noble Afterthought ∴

Many of the scabbards I make are created at the same time as the swords themselves, using the blade to form the leather. Sometimes, however, clients are so taken with the sword that they’ve received that they decide in hindsight to have a scabbard set made for it.

When this occurs, I ask clients to sent their swords back to the workshop in the post, allowing me to create a perfect fit. In the case of my most recent creation, however, we were fortunate to have a spare blade of the same specs in the forge!

While no two handmade blades are ever quite the same, the differences are negligible enough to be quickly eased out by regular drawing and sheathing with a waxed blade.

∴ Gallery ∴

Looking for a scabbard as unique as your sword? Enquire here to discuss your ideas.

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