The Folia Greatsword

∴ A Leaf on the Breeze ∴

You always loved the aspens at this time of year. They are the last orderly thing on the landscape – the tall, austere row that marks the end of your father’s land and the beginning of the wild beyond. And yet, every year, as the first warm winds of Autumn play amongst their upturned branches, the trees themselves become a shimmering chaos of trembling leaves.

You tuck your flask back into your jacket with a sentimental sigh and return your attention to the greatsword beside you. Its long blade flares toward the tip, itself shaped like a slender and glimmering leaf. The days are growing shorter now, but you should have time for another dance before dusk. Cupping your hands around the leaf-green leather, you swing the blade upward in a graceful arc and begin the drill you know by heart.

As the gleaming blade feints and freewheels in the air around you, you feel a touch of sun-warmed breeze about your skin. Behind you, a thousand thousand leaves begin to whisper and tremble on the wind as the evening draws in.

∴ Specs ∴

This greatsword has an immediate air of fantasy, due to its unusal long, leaf-shaped blade. Based on a sword our client discovered in a museum, it’s a unique twist on a greatsword, and one we were curious to translate into a usable practice weapon.

Our client’s photograph of the original sword

The blade flares at its point of percussion, which emphasises the swing and allows the blade to become very thin at this point while still retaining adequate stiffness for training. Due in part to this extreme distal taper, it handles deceptively nimbly. Meanwhile, triangular lugs and rings to the guard help protect the wielder from incoming actions,

A similar bespoke montante would start at £1250 plus shipping

  • Weight: 2910g
  • Total length: 175cm
  • Blade length: 130/51.5cm
  • Blade width at base:
  • Grip length: 33cm
  • Grip and pommel: 43.5cm
  • Quillon span: 32cm
  • Point of Balance: 17cm
  • Blunt edges, rounded tip and sparring-safe flex

∴ Notes ∴

The hand-forged and heat treated crossguard, side rings and pommel are polished to a satin finish. The hardwood grip is wrapped first in linen twine, and then in a deep green leather.

∴ Gallery ∴

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