The Art of Balefire Blades

∴ A Lasting Chronicle ∴

The first print run of the Art of Balefire Blades has sold out – we thank you all for your interest, and will update this page when we print another run.

We are proud to present a project we’ve been dreaming about since the distinctive Balefire style first took form – a hardcover art book, inviting our friends, clients and supporters to delve into the mythos of Balefire Blades.

Featuring Alicia’s original stories for fifty of our original swords, accompanied by full-page photos of each sword’s hilt, the book is a tangible way to relive highlights from Balefire Blades’ first three years. We have always been inspired by fantasy art books from our favourite film franchises and graphic artists, and it’s a pleasure to add our own to our bookshelf – we hope you’ll think so too!

While this is by no means a technical book or a resource for serious research, it does include an appendix of specs for each sword included, helping you better envision the feel of each weapon. You will also find forewords from both Chris and Alicia, outlining favourite memories and moments from Balefire’s inception to the present.

The book is 21cm square, with a matte finish hardcover and a sewn binding. We think it would make an excellent coffee table book for past clients whose swords are featured within its pages, future clients looking for inspiration for their next sword, or any lover of fencing and fantasy.

∴ Order Yours ∴

We released these books as a very limited run of fifty copies, for £30 each plus shipping. This run has already sold out, but we will update this page as and when we order another run.

Check the Balefire Emporium for any book runs we have currently available.

Thank you for celebrating our first three years with us!

Keep scrolling for a list of all the swords included in the book.

∴ Is My Sword Included? ∴

The swords included in the book are:

  • The Warding Sword
  • The Alexandrian Sword
  • The Lich Sword
  • The Meridia Sword
  • Astaldar
  • Amroth
  • The Dyrrachium Sword
  • The Albis Sword
  • Brytengrund
  • Your Grandfather’s Sword
  • The Reiter Sword
  • The Basilica Feder
  • Elthrovan
  • Aranarth
  • The Andalus Sword
  • The Monocerine Sword
  • The Serpentyne Sword
  • The Acccipiter Kriegmesser
  • The Strigoi Sword
  • The Dioscuri Rapier
  • The Helyx Rapier
  • The Entropia Sidesword
  • The Misrule Rapier
  • The Bedlam Dagger
  • The Pandaemonia Dussack
  • The Traversare Rapier
  • The Nobilissima Rapier
  • The Volutio Rapier
  • The Blaggard Dagger
  • The Glossa Sacra Rapier
  • The Vizconde Ropera
  • The Septecord Set
  • The Vittoriosa Set
  • The Baneful Walloon
  • The Angelo Broadsword
  • The Ingela Tessack
  • The Conflagrare Dussack
  • The Aparousia Schiavona
  • The Riband Sidesword
  • The Rosanglica Set
  • Rascal, Needle of Kinloss
  • The Maristella Sword
  • The Dyad Smallswords
  • The Estella Sword
  • The Liban Montante
  • The Helvetica Montante
  • The Trelati Spadone
  • The Folia Greatsword

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