The Temperantia Greatsword

∴ A Tempering Blow ∴

A slow exhalation forces its way through clenched teeth as you fight to clear your head. To push back the hot wind of anger, knowing how it turns cyclonic. You recall the words of your teacher: temperance, boy. Temperance and discernment. That’s what wins a fight – not a blaze of righteous glory, nor a clumsy, tell-tale rage. Only moderation.

Your senses reel and you clutch the spiral-bound grip of your sword for balance. You are almost dwarfed by her, yet she moves with measured certainty. You open your eyes to recall those familiar features: deep blue leather, fullered steel, the resplendent sun on the cap of the pommel. These are the things you can trust. The straight, sharp line between right and wrong.

As your breathing slows and the heat fades from your cheeks, you take in your opponent with renewed passivity. You’ve seen his kind before, you realise. All baiting, leering show. You will not rise to it this time. Instead, you step coolly into measure with an ascending cut from the right. He is not expecting it – nor the next one – nor the thrust that finishes him.

∴ Specs ∴

We worked closely with our client’s sketches and specs to create this enormous yet elegant greatsword. The sword reflects the specs and criteria laid out in Pietro Monte’s late 15th Century Collectanea, and takes stylistic cues from Milanese swords of the same era.

Our client’s original concept sketch

Coming to a total of 171cm, Temperantia is a behemoth in stature, yet no monster. The sophistication of her slender quillons and carved decoration is matched by a remarkable swiftness for her size.

A similar bespoke greatsword would come to upward of £1500 plus shipping

  • Total length: 171cm
  • Blade length: 127.5cm
  • Blade width at base: 4cm
  • Blade stock: 8mm
  • Grip length: 36cm
  • Grip and pommel: 42.5cm
  • Quillon span: 45.5cm
  • Weight: 2400g
  • Point of Balance: 9.5cm
  • Fencing safe flex, 2mm edges and swollen tip

∴ Notes ∴

The hand-forged heat-treated crossguard and pommel are polished to a satin steel finish, and feature hand-carved decoration. The pommel and quillon terminals are carved into the likeness of a sun, ringed in raised dots. The quillon block takes a flame shape, with a carved line to the centre.

The oak grip is wrapped first in linen twine and spiralling cord risers, and then in a deep blue leather. The blade is adorned with three fullers.

∴ Gallery ∴

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