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The Deluxe Care Kit

∴ Care and Maintenance ∴

We believe that a good fencing sword should last you a lifetime or longer, forming a part of your legend and winning you plenty of fun along the way.

In practice, however, there are a number of small issues that can lead to larger problems and shorten the lifespan of your weapon. From red rust to notches along the edge of the blade, if you don’t see to the small things regularly, the damage can add up over time.

That’s why we’ve created a new deluxe swordcare kit, to help you take protect your sword as well as it protects you. The most comprehensive kit currently on the market, it contains everything you need to combat tarnishing, rust, burrs and notches – as well as a 20 page guide to solving common swordcare problems.

Our care kits are available for £25 plus postage. Scroll down to order yours now.

∴ Contents ∴

Our swordcare kit is kept in a linen drawstring bag, ideal for slipping in your sword bag for classes and events. Each bag contains the following:

∴ Order Yours ∴

Our swordcare kits cost £25 each, plus postage. Shipping is £5 for UK orders, and £10 for international orders.

You can purchase your care kit online at the Balefire Emporium.

Our runs are limited to 50 bags, so hurry and lay claim to yours before they sell out!

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