∴ Balefire Blades ∴

The word spread like wildfire from those who had seen

In the dark of the forest a glimmer of green:

“The beacon is lit, the Balefire burns,

The legend yet lives, the smith returns.”

Well we know tales of those days half-remembered,

Of destinies glimpsed in the glimmering embers,

And weapons awaiting the ones that might wield them

And mantras soft-murmured to strengthen and shield them;

A smith working wonders by cover of dark,

The chime of the hammer, the sputter and spark,

Then breath-steaming stillness as shadows give way

To an ash-scattered clearing at dawning of day.

Half-hoping, half-fearing that what we might see

Might rewrite our memories as mere fantasy

We draw our cloaks about us tight

And wordlessly wander the gathering night

To answer the beacon that can’t be ignored

And dance by the light of the Balefire forge.


∴ Chris Adams ∴

A true craftsman, Chris has slipped the bounds of the everyday and forged himself a world in which magical swords are manifest and life is a constant quest. Drawing inspiration from folklore, fantasy and astute observations of historical fencing and weaponry, Chris is dedicated to sharing that world with HEMA enthusiasts around the world.

Having discovered a passion for historical fencing at the Sussex Sword Academy, Chris began studying the art and alchemy of swordmaking under Marco Danelli in 2013. Upon graduating from his apprenticeship, he continued to craft fine blades at Danelli Armouries until 2018.

Combining extensive experience as a smith and a fencer with an insatiable curiosity about all things historic and folkloric, Chris crafts truly legendary swords alongside high-quality, historically weighted blades for the HEMA community.


∴ Alicia Lewis ∴

As lore-keeper to the forge, Alicia is responsible for customer communications, running the website and social pages, historical research, and appeasing the Balefire gnomes.

A self-taught leatherworker, she works alongside Chris to create custom scabbards and protective gear with a fantasy edge.

Alicia is a lover of longswords and a scholar of Skaldic verse, delighting in all things Medieval and mythic.