Category: Armoury

The Cotyledon Hanger

∴ An Burgeoning Will∴ It had always just been there – the sword; simple; the black leaf of its guard furling about a grip of green leather. As long as you can recall it’s hung over the fireplace, above the grey ashes and below… Continue Reading “The Cotyledon Hanger”

The Osmic Sword

∴ An Eightfold Force∴ The door falls closed behind you, not with the sepulchral thud you might expect from such a portal, but with barely a whisper. It is as if the empty, unfinished cathedral sucks the sound from everything – the door, your… Continue Reading “The Osmic Sword”

The Celyn Spadroon

∴ A Spiky Reception ∴ You feel your way between thorn and flower, grasping for the wooden lattice which must serve as a ladder. With a sudden crack, the wood beneath your left foot gives way, sending you scrabbling for a hold. For one… Continue Reading “The Celyn Spadroon”

The Elytra Sword and Dagger

∴ A Solid Defense ∴ Late summer. Long grass waving, dried and waxen in the sun; downy heads tickling the backs of your legs as you run across the meadow; a stream of seeds taking flight in your wake. It’s days like these that… Continue Reading “The Elytra Sword and Dagger”

The Thorneyisle Sword

∴ A Certain Poise ∴ The sun streaming through the clear glass window is too hot on your maille-coifed neck. The crack between stone flags wears hard on your knee, and your upper arms ache from holding their pious position, palms upraised to the… Continue Reading “The Thorneyisle Sword”