Category: Armoury

The Reifen Sidesword

∴ A Warden’s Friend∴ Perched atop a crenellated wall, you emit a low whistle. Just when you’re ready to quit this place, beauty burns in the bleakness: for the briefest moment the tower’s dull red bricks take on an orange blaze as the sun… Continue Reading “The Reifen Sidesword”

The Epoch Sword

∴ A Golden Dawn∴ You stare listlessly at the rough wooden beams, your eyes so accustomed to the dark after a long, sleepless night that they can pick out every knot, every whorl. And every moment marked by the slow drip, drip, drip of… Continue Reading “The Epoch Sword”

The Braznaz Sword

∴ A Brazen Treasure∴ As daylight gives way to echoing dark and the swaying glow of your head torch, you fill your lungs with familiar, dank, iron-rich air and smile. The tomb is becoming a second home to you. Tracing one hand along the… Continue Reading “The Braznaz Sword”

The Scoundrel Sword

∴ A Bird on the Wing∴ You’ve been pacing for what seems like an hour now, back and forth across the creaking floorboards, no doubt driving the innkeeper to hysteria. But how can you rest with the duel looming over you? You groan and… Continue Reading “The Scoundrel Sword”

The Furia Broadsword

∴ A Cold Fury∴ You walk the once-beloved field in silent horror. Shouts fill the air around you, but the words seem obscured, echoing, as if in a dream. Wild-eyed survivors and healers push past, desperate to leave the scene that will never leave… Continue Reading “The Furia Broadsword”