Category: Leatherworks

The Castilia Scabbard

∴ A Complete Set ∴ The Castilia rapier is an enduring favourite with our followers, and exhibits a subtle 17th Century Spanish aesthetic. Our client liked the look of our basic frog and belt sets, but wanted to add something of the same Spanish… Continue Reading “The Castilia Scabbard”

The Accipiter Scabbard

∴ A Heraldic Fantasy ∴ I’ve been fortunate to create leather goods based on fantasy realms before, taking cues from Middle Earth and beyond. This challenge, however, was all the greater – making a scabbard based on a world of our client’s own creation.… Continue Reading “The Accipiter Scabbard”

The Amroth Scabbard

∴ A Proud Protector ∴ Part of a suite of Lord of the Rings inspired pieces, this scabbard needed to channel the proud history of Gondor, complimenting the bold, masculine design of the Amroth Arming Sword. As a companion piece to the The Aranarth Scabbard,… Continue Reading “The Amroth Scabbard”

The Aranarth Scabbard

∴ Rugged Nobility ∴ When tasked to make a scabbard for the Lord of the Rings inspired Aranarth Longsword, a plethora of images immediately flooded my mind. While our client was particularly inspired by the now classic swords and scabbards made by Weta for… Continue Reading “The Aranarth Scabbard”

The Maristella Scabbard

∴ Simple Elegance ∴ When our client requested a scabbard, hanger and belt for the intricately decorated Maristella Smallsword, I was keen to create something that would compliment the maritime themes of the hilt without distracting from the detail of the sword itself. Thus… Continue Reading “The Maristella Scabbard”