Category: Mythos

The Art of Balefire Blades

∴ A Lasting Chronicle ∴ We are proud to present a project we’ve been dreaming about since the distinctive Balefire style first took form – a hardcover art book, inviting our friends, clients and supporters to delve into the mythos of Balefire Blades. Featuring… Continue Reading “The Art of Balefire Blades”

Of Swords and Sea Forts

∴ A Swordsmith’s Reward ∴ When your passion becomes your profession, drawing the line between work and play gets increasingly hard. Take fencing events, for example. As artisans we’re keen to see our creations in action, meet our clients in person, and get some… Continue Reading “Of Swords and Sea Forts”

Lighting the Balefire

“Fire is our friend in the wilderness” ∴ Tolkien ∴ As January draws to a close, 2018 has already marked itself out as a year of intrigue and industry, It’s hard to believe that a month ago, Balefire Blades was little more than a name.… Continue Reading “Lighting the Balefire”