Rapiers and Sideswords

We create bespoke historical and fantasy-influenced weapons, handmade to the highest technical specifications for an authentic fencing experience. Whether you’re a historical fencing novice or a tournament champion, fight like a legend with the perfect sword.

Click the thumbnails to discover more about our previous creations or contact us to discuss your sword-wielding dreams.

The Riband Sidesword
The Scapegrace Sidesword
The Vittoriosa Rapier and Dagger
The Septecord Rapier and Dagger
The Vizconde Ropera and Dagger
The Traversare Rapier
The Helyx Rapier
The Aparousia Schiavona
The Volutio Rapier
The Misrule Rapier
The Glossa Sacra Rapier and Dagger
The Castilia Rapier
The Kungensklinga Sidesword
The Entropia Sidesword (Discordian Suite)
The Nobilissima Rapier
The Countess Rapier
The Intrinsicate Rapier
The Dioscuri Rapier
The Acer Rapier
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