Friends of the Forge

Over our years in business we’ve had the honour of meeting craftsmen and swordsmen of excellent taste and talent. These fellows have inspired and supported our work in many ways: from talking shop to creating wonderful works in their own rights.

These friends of the forge will always have our first and heartiest recommendations

∴ Marco Danelli ∴

Chris had the great fortune to begin his swordsmithing journey as apprentice to the celebrated Marco Danelli. Many of the techniques he uses to this day are tips passed on by his old master. A legendary figure of historical swordsmithing and swordsmanship, Marco continues to create stunning and highly detailed works of art.

∴Roland Warzecha∴

Roland’s bleeding-edge research into historical sword forms and fencing has directly influenced Chris’s creations in a number of ways – not least the canted pommels on our Warding Sword series! A true experimental archaeologist, Roland’s publications and videos are ever insightful.

∴Merlin’s Forge∴

Stephen Folston became a fast friend of ours at the Swordpunk festival, and has remained a constant source of inspiration, always available to discuss the finer points of particular forging techniques. His swords, knives and sculptures all bear the the beautiful hallmark of his hand-forged aesthetic.

∴Jesse Belsky∴

We’ve had the honour of collaborating with Jesse Belsky a number of times, and love seeing his stunning hilts on our blades. Jesse creates sharp swords as well as hema, stage and reenactment weapons. He remains our go-to recommendation for sharp sword commissions.

∴The Sussex Sword Academy∴

The Sussex Sword Academy is where Chris’s fencing journey began. It was here that he met not only Marco Danelli, but Alicia as well! Duncan and Cameron are not only outstanding instructors in rapier and broadsword, but also marvellous friends and a regular source of feedback and advice.

∴The Noble Science of Defence∴

The Noble Science of Defence is the domain of our dear friend Chris Connah: a passionate scholar of Elizabethan-era English fencing. When he’s not translating treatises or penning essays, he teaches Brighton-based classes in backsword, buckler, quarterstaff and bill.


Swordpunk is a one-of-a-kind festival, taking a truly unique approach to combat art events. As well as fencing classes, the Swordpunk crew teaches archery, spear throwing, whip cracking, circus arts and much more within stunning private grounds. We’ve had the honour of demonstrating forging for the Swordpunk rebels, as well as running a clay cutting stand – and we can’t wait to come back for more.

∴The Raven Forge∴

These madcap merchants are purveyors of replica weapons, armour, mead, and things you never knew you needed such as the legendary pizza axe. Explore their website and feel like a kid in a medieval candy shop!