Hand Measurements

Thank you for enquiring about a custom Balefire sword! As all our swords are custom-made, we go to extra lengths to ensure that the grip and hilt are correctly sized to your hands.

Please email us the measurements of your primary sword hand according to the images below. These measurements should be taken in cm, and rounded to the nearest 0.5cm.

You will need to take your measurements without gloves on, as these figures are to help us understand where the muscles are in your hand, and fencing gloves will confound this understanding.

Our intention is to replicate historical hilt sizing as closely as possible, so we do not build our complex hilts to accommodate bulky fencing gloves.

Please ensure that your figures are as accurate as possible, rather than adding or subtracting a few centimetres “just in case”. True measurements help us make a sword that is comfortable for your use!