Draconid Vambraces

Good forearm protection needs to be rigid, but this doesn’t have to compromise comfort. When creating a functional fencing vambrace fit for a dragon rider, I knew I wanted to offer a made-to-measure service, ensuring a close and comfortable fit.

Enter the Draconid: made to order from hardened 8mm leather, it features a Medieval arming lace system to solve the age-old issue of bracers sliding up and down during bouts. Using high quality natural materials, it provides solid protection while giving an aesthetic nod to the tales of history and fantasy that inspire our martial arts.

∴ Premium Protection ∴

The Draconid Vambrace is made from premium hardened 8mm buffalo hide, offering truly rigid protection against cuts to the forearm. The leather features natural texturing, offering a rugged “dragonskin” appearance. It has been finished with a waterproof acrylic sheen.

The pattern is cut with a deep V to the inner arm, allowing the elbow to flex naturally without impediment.

The wet-formed flare to the elbow does an excellent job of deflecting cuts to the bone, but if you’re looking for extra elbow protection, we offer a laced-on hardened buffalo elbow cup for an extra £20.

∴ Comfortable Closure ∴

The vambrace closes to the inner arm via two leather straps with brass buckles.

An accompanying leather patch with arming laces will ensure that the vambrace sits properly and doesn’t slip up and down.

Simply stitch the patch onto the elbow of your jacket where the vambrace sits most comfortably, and lace the vambrace to it using the leather thong pieces included.

∴ Order Yours ∴


  • £100 for a single vambrace (including patch and laces)
  • £180 for a pair (including patches and laces)
  • +£20 per elbow cup

Each Draconid Vambrace is made to order and to your specific measurements, ensuring a comfortable fit for fencers of all shapes and sizes.

To order yours, please complete the form below, using the diagram to take your measurements. I will respond within three days, giving you a timescale for shipping, and an invoice for payment to complete your order.

  • A: The length of your outer arm from your jacket cuff to elbow tip
  • B: The length of your inner arm (when flexed) from your jacket cuff to the point where your forearm and upper arm touch.
  • C: The diameter of your wrist including your jacket cuff.
  • D: The diameter of your elbow.


  • Make sure you’re wearing your fencing jacket when taking measurements.
  • If you’re ordering a matched pair, measure both arms – you might be surprised at the difference!
  • The inner arm measurement needs to allow for a full range of movement. Flex your arm as if reaching for your own shoulder, and measure from your cuff to where your forearm and upper arm touch.
  • For most accurate results, get a friend or sparring partner to help you.

∴ Gallery ∴

Looking for custom leather protection that will stand up to some serious sparring? Contact us to discuss your ideas.