Frogs and Sword Belts

Admit it: at least part of the reason why you took up fencing was to look absolutely amazing. To toss back your rain-drenched hair as you throw open ancient doors and, drawing your sword, demand satisfaction of an ancient enemy.

It’s time to ditch the sports bag and saunter into your next event with your sword at your hip, suspended from a handsome belt and a sturdy leather frog.*

Gone are the days of clattering around the sports hall with arms full of weapons and gear, of fumbling about with gloves on, trying to lift a longsword from a shiny floor. Instead, sweep in to meet your opponent, hand on your hilt, ready to draw your sword and defend your honour.

*Exercise judgment: don’t wear your weapon in a public place where it might cause alarm.

∴ Frogs ∴

I based these frogs on an antique, shown to me by a client as inspiration for her scabbard and suspension. After creating her custom hanger, I returned to the design and adapted it into a “one size fits most” pattern, available in a range of colours.

The original frog, created for the Maristella Smallsword

The upper straps are designed to fasten around a belt measuring between 2-5cm wide, while the lower straps will secure around a blade measuring 2-5cm wide at its base.

The flared shape of the frog helps spread the weight of the sword across the hip, increasing comfort and reducing the blade’s propensity to swing out as you step. The angle of the sword can be adjusted by buckling the upper straps at different intervals. This helps account for different points of balance, as well as proffering as rakish angle as you fancy.

∴ Belts ∴

Our sword belts are made to measure, and include two beaten brass rings to buckled a frog or other scabbard suspension to. This stops the frog from sliding back and forth along the belt.

Our standard belt also includes a beaten brass buckle, simple ropework tooling to the edges of the belt, brass and copper rivets, and a leather keeper to hold the tail of the belt snug against you.

Our belts are available in the same range of colours as the frogs, allowing you to mix and match.

Ready to swing your sword at your side? Keep an eye on our Emporium for Alicia’s latest creations.