Arming Swords

We create bespoke historical and fantasy-influenced weapons, handmade to the highest technical specifications for an authentic fencing experience. Whether you’re a historical fencing novice or a tournament champion, fight like a legend with the perfect sword.

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The Griobhan Arming Sword

The Farnevere Falchion

The Aldarembine Arming Sword

The Linnmistar Viking Sword

The Kilmartin Arming Sword

The Nidaros Arming Sword

The Bertilak Arming Sword

The Tusken Falchion


The Beastmarked Sword


The Lysander Arming Sword


The Iona Arming Sword


The Fleeting Sword


The Osmic Sword


The Thorneyisle Sword

The Braznaz Sword

The Tempelriddaren Arming Sword

The Brytengrund Arming Sword

The Knave Arming Sword

The Albis Arming Sword

The Amroth Arming Sword

The Astaldar Arming Sword

The Warding Sword (Type XIV)

The Alexandrian Sword (Type XIV)

The Ellis Shortsword

The Lich Sword (Type XIV)

The Meridia Arming Sword

The Dyrrhachium Arming Sword