The montante is a long two-handed sword with a broad blade and wide quillons. The blade is distinctive for its long ricasso and stoppers.

Used in battle across the 15th-16th centuries, the blade was primarily the demesne of masters-at-arms by the 17th. The Spanish idiom “meter el montante”, or “to place the montante between” refers to masters-at-arms using the sword to separate over-zealous students.

This three-fullered montante was created as a custom order for a client looking for a simple, HEMA-safe blade with a bit of extra flair.

  • Length: 167cm
  • Blade length: 125cm
  • Blade width: 4cm
  • Blade thickness: 6cm
  • Tang length: 42cm







Contact us to discuss your ideal montante blade. We will respond within a few days with a timescale and quote.

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