Protective Gear

∴ The Lycan Gorget ∴

Our articulated Lycan gorget is made of rugged Kydex plastic and 3mm leather, protecting your throat from thrusts, cuts and the bites of magical creatures.

Designed to be worn comfortably over or under a fencing jacket, the Lycan is super lightweight and low-profile. Its articulated and riveted construction allows for a full range of unimpeded head movement, while the rolled blade catcher keeps you safe from any slips.

Light enough to slip on for practice yet sturdy enough to protect you on the piste, the Lycan exemplifies grace under pressure.

Contact us to make the Lycan yours for £60 plus shipping.

∴ Custom Steel Gorgets ∴

Our articulated steel gorgets start from £120 plus shipping. Lined in felt and leather, these premium pieces provide the sort of confidence that only plate armour can.

Made to be as light and low profile as steel will allow, these stylish pieces can be worn comfortably over or under a jacket collar – not to mention to the local tavern.

As every steel gorget is made to order, you’ll be able to choose leather colour, finish (blackened, blued, distressed or polished) and optional engraving.

Contact us to order your gorget. We will respond within 3 working days with a quote and timescale.

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