∴ Soft Leather Scabbards ∴

We offer decorative leather scabbards starting at £250, wet-formed to fit your sword like a glove. Made from durable 3mm leather and coated in waterproof lacquer, these flexible sheaths will keep your legendary blade safe at home and on the road.

With optional extras including custom tooling, colours and suspension options, you can proudly swing your sword from your hip at events – or just around the garden.

∴ Wooden-cored scabbards ∴

Our wooden-cored scabbards start at £400. With a hand-carved core coated in thin leather, this scabbard will prolong your sword’s legacy and add to its legend.

Made to your specifications, our wooden scabbards can include custom tooling, cord risers and steel chapes.

∴ How to order your scabbard ∴

If you’d like to add a scabbard to an existing or pending order, simply drop us an email and let us know. We will combine the order, and send your new sword or blade complete with scabbard.

To order a scabbard for a sword currently in your possession, simply Contact us to outline your requirements. We will respond within 3 working days with ideas and options for you to consider.

Once we’ve settled on a design and you’ve confirmed your order, we will send an invoice with payment details and our shipping address – as all of our scabbards are made to fit, it’s crucial that you send us your sword before we begin work. 

We will endeavour to let you know when you can expect your sword to return in its regal new attire!

∴ Commissions ∴

Warding Sword Scabbard
The Elthrovan Scabbard
The Elthrovan Scabbard
The Amroth Scabbard
The Aranarth Scabbard
The Maristella Scabbard


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