There’s nothing quite as splendid as sweeping into the salle with your sword swinging at your side. It’s a little reminder of the heroic idylls that inspired us to take up historical fencing. Not to mention how much more impressive it is to draw your sword dramatically from its scabbard before a bout than it is to scrabble around on the floor trying to pick it up with your protective gloves on.

Alicia is proud to present her standard scabbard design, based on historical research and custom-made to fit your sword. It features a core made from layers of lime wood with a reinforced tip, wrapped in kidskin in a colour of your choice, and secured with glue and a hand-stitched seam to the rear. It is a sturdy and striking piece of kit that will protect your sword from the elements.

You can choose a scabbard without suspension, or pick your favourite suspension style from a sword belt and frog, a sword belt with hooked straps, or a baldric. Depending on your choice of suspension, Alicia will add appropriate cord risers under the kidskin cover to help keep the frog or straps in place.

∴ Price Guide ∴

ScabbardLime wood core, kidskin cover in a colour of your choice from black, dark brown, dark green, oxblood red, dark blue and purple.£400 +p&p
SuspensionA baldric, a sword belt and frog, or sword belt with sliders and hooked straps, in a colour of your choice from the above.£100 +p&p
At this time, Alicia is not considering any customisation beyond choice of colour and type of suspension.

∴ How to Order ∴

There are two ways to order a Balefire scabbard:

If you already have a sword on our waiting list, Alicia will give you the option of adding a scabbard to your order when she sends your balance invoice, a month before work begins on your sword. Once you’ve discussed colour and suspension options, you will be invoiced separately for leatherwork, and Alicia will make your scabbard once Chris has completed your sword, ready for them to ship together.

If you already have a sword that you would like Alicia to make a scabbard for, simply contact us with your enquiry, and Alicia will discuss timescales and options with you before sending an invoice. Once you’ve paid the invoice, we will give you the address to send your sword to, and Alicia will start work upon receipt, sending your sword back to you in its new scabbard.

∴ Suspension Options ∴