Rascal, the Needle of Kinloss

∴ Honourable Satisfaction ∴

You run you hand over long black case and sigh. It was only a dalliance.

In another time and place you might have gone through the proper channels, acted with propriety, married the girl and made a brother of Lord Sackville. But instead you saw her secretly, raised his ire and made him a deadly enemy.

You feel sick to the stomach. You’ve seen Sackville fight, and where he lacks finesse he compensates with sheer tenacity. You never imagined it would be you on the other end of your friend’s fierce and flashing blade.

Swinging the case open you’re greeted with graceful black curves and copper carvings, the wire-wrapped grip spiralling like the horn of Scotland’s unicorn. You nod curtly. You will not enjoy this duel – you may not even survive it – but propriety be damned, you’ll look dashing as you go down!

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