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The Alexandrian Sword (Type XIV)

∴ A Regal Reflection∴ Brass and blue. The evening sun, brazen against the deepening Mediterranean. The treasures of ancient kings, their knowledge forever lost. An unforgiving flame rushing to meet shaded streets. You stare for a long time at the sword in your hand,… Continue Reading “The Alexandrian Sword (Type XIV)”

Dioscuri Variants

∴ An Alternate View ∴ The carriage clatters over cobbled streets, its clangour at odds with your hammering pulse. Drawing a silver watch from your pocket, you mark with distaste the tremor of your hand. Were this any other duel, the blood would run… Continue Reading “Dioscuri Variants”

Experimental rapier blades

∴ An experiment in extremities ∴ When a customer requested a matched pair of rapier blades, designed for both single-handed and double-handed use, we couldn’t resist the chance to experiment. While the blades and tangs needed to be elongated for two-handed use, the client… Continue Reading “Experimental rapier blades”

The Reverent Partisan

∴ A Proud Polearm∴ Step, two three. Step, two three. Step, two three. Halt. You sweep the wooden shaft under your arm, taking a half-step forward and dipping your head in respect to the mounted captain. Your downcast eyes cannot help but catch the… Continue Reading “The Reverent Partisan”

The Warding Sword

∴ A Scholar’s Defense∴ You place the sword before the altar of Walpurga, wincing at the clatter of steel on stone. The Saint’s painted eyes look on serenely, with no hint of her namesake’s challenging smile. For months you pored over the texts by… Continue Reading “The Warding Sword”