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The Dyad Smallswords

∴ A Certain Duology ∴ “It’s your right to choose”, the copper-haired man says, opening the case. Loathe as you are to show admiration, you cannot repress a low whistle as he pulls back the ivory satin, revealing a pair of slender yet sturdy… Continue Reading “The Dyad Smallswords”

The Estella Smallsword

∴ A First Light Liaison∴ A chorus of birdsong heralds your arrival, footsteps certain over darkened, dew-strewn grass. A familiar surge takes hold of you. Once again in the half-light, while the city sleeps behind you, you come to meet your fate.  It’s said… Continue Reading “The Estella Smallsword”

Rascal, the Needle of Kinloss

∴ Honourable Satisfaction ∴ You run you hand over long black case and sigh. It was only a dalliance. In another time and place you might have gone through the proper channels, acted with propriety, married the girl and made a brother of Lord… Continue Reading “Rascal, the Needle of Kinloss”