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The Leirion Longsword

∴ A Lily of the Valley ∴ You relax only slightly as your fingers slide over the smooth steel of the guard, finding their way to the fleur-de-lis at the tip of a curving quillon. It is a familiar emblem. How could it be… Continue Reading “The Leirion Longsword”

The Punishment Sabre

∴ A Just Reward ∴ For all its outer grandeur, the lodge is no sanctum of order. As you follow the Chief Constable inside, your eyes dart from detail to dust-rimed detail. The harlequin glass-inlaid walls, the heavy leather-bound tomes sagging in their spines,… Continue Reading “The Punishment Sabre”

The Itelhans Swiss Sabre

∴ A Steely Peace ∴ Twenty. Twenty two. Twenty four. You count the dusty stone steps as you scuttle down them in the old man’s wake. Twenty six. Twenty eight. Thirty. You try not to think of your mother’s ghost stories: of vampire crypts… Continue Reading “The Itelhans Swiss Sabre”

The Adagio Sidesword

∴ An Unheard Music ∴ The crowd presses about you, constricting as the lace collar about your neck. You feel like gasping for breath, a fish out of water, pulled along by the relentless tide of humanity. Dizzied and drifting, you reach across your… Continue Reading “The Adagio Sidesword”

The Chalice Rapier

∴ A Cup Overflowing ∴ You kneel before the altar, the rail before you smoothed by centuries of supplicant hands, the unforgiving flagstones pressing against your knees. Staring down at your own callused fingers, you try to clear your mind of earthly things –… Continue Reading “The Chalice Rapier”