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The Dokkalfar Set

∴ An Unusual Customer∴ You turn the rapier over in your hand, marvelling at how the light plays off the serpentine blade like a cold steel flame. Steadying it on one white-gloved finger, you check its balance, sucking breath through your teeth in surprised… Continue Reading “The Dokkalfar Set”

The Peskorda Longsword

∴ An Unexpected Depth∴ With a flick of your wrist you release the smooth, flat stone – just the way your father taught you – and stare after its skittering trail. One skip, two skips, three and it’s gone, lost beneath the glassy surface.… Continue Reading “The Peskorda Longsword”

The Celyn Spadroon

∴ A Spiky Reception ∴ You feel your way between thorn and flower, grasping for the wooden lattice which must serve as a ladder. With a sudden crack, the wood beneath your left foot gives way, sending you scrabbling for a hold. For one… Continue Reading “The Celyn Spadroon”

The Schwabacher Sword

∴ A Font of Power ∴ From the moment you first wrapped you hand around that broad leather grip, in turn embraced by swooping whorls of black metal, you knew there was no turning back. The image of the thing was imprinted on your… Continue Reading “The Schwabacher Sword”

The Eris Rapier

∴ A Goddess Scorned ∴ “I never get invited to this sort of thing,” she laughs across the rim of her glass. “Not that I let that stop me.” She caught your eye as soon as you walked in. Something about her demeanour: playful,… Continue Reading “The Eris Rapier”