The Antilla Cuttoe

∴ A Wicked Tide ∴ It is the owl that first alerts you. Not the rounded, woodwind hoot of the copper-feathered birds who nest in the foothills, but the brighter screech of something that does not belong on the island. Not an owl then,… Continue Reading “The Antilla Cuttoe”

The Brachitella Rapier

∴ A Crossed Purpose ∴ The sounds of the house are different tonight. As you lay awake in your single bed, you tease out each quiet strand in your mind: the rhythmic drip from the gutter by the window. The scuffling of mice beneath… Continue Reading “The Brachitella Rapier”

The Riband Sidesword

∴ A Decorous Twist ∴ Cobbles bite into soft leather soles as you round the corner at a run. Glancing left and right, you clamber atop a convenient barrel, then scramble over a wall into the alley below. A heart-pounding part of you registers… Continue Reading “The Riband Sidesword”

The Scapegrace Sidesword

∴ A Swift Turnaround ∴ You can’t say what it is about the young woman that sets your teeth on edge as she brushes past you. The marketplace is as busy as can be expected for a feast day – children and livestock darting… Continue Reading “The Scapegrace Sidesword”

The Solana Rapier and Dagger

∴ A Bittersweet Thrill ∴ You kick absently at the grey slate wall, as anxious and impatient and full of desire as you ever are when you wait here. It is the furthest border of her father’s lands – the nearest you dare go,… Continue Reading “The Solana Rapier and Dagger”