The Muirehen Longsword

∴ A Hunter for Hire ∴ As your breathing and heartbeat slow, the sounds around you grow distinct. The potion’s aftertaste still lingers in your mouth, any warmth that its alcohol content provided quickly fading away. With a forceful exhalation you open your eyes… Continue Reading “The Muirehen Longsword”

The Voratia Longsword

∴ A Hero’s Luck ∴ By the half-light of the flickering campfire you run your finger over the graven whorls – as you have a thousand times before, around a thousand different fires. You’ve carried it with you all these years, this strange stone… Continue Reading “The Voratia Longsword”

The Umbeclap Sidesword

∴ A Point Well Made∴ With a scowl on your scarred face that would put stormclouds to shame, you lean back against the wagon and begin to fill your pipe. You like the ritual of it – slow, meticulous, and swiftly rewarded. Much like… Continue Reading “The Umbeclap Sidesword”

The Reifen Sidesword

∴ A Warden’s Friend∴ Perched atop a crenellated wall, you emit a low whistle. Just when you’re ready to quit this place, beauty burns in the bleakness: for the briefest moment the tower’s dull red bricks take on an orange blaze as the sun… Continue Reading “The Reifen Sidesword”

The Epoch Sword

∴ A Golden Dawn∴ You stare listlessly at the rough wooden beams, your eyes so accustomed to the dark after a long, sleepless night that they can pick out every knot, every whorl. And every moment marked by the slow drip, drip, drip of… Continue Reading “The Epoch Sword”