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The Resurge Longsword

∴ A Proven Companion ∴ You remember the first time you held it. You knew so little then – of defence, of attack, of war. But you knew it felt good in your hands. A sensation you didn’t yet have words for – of… Continue Reading “The Resurge Longsword”

The Cardinal Feder

∴ A Capital Vice∴ Wrath was always going to be your downfall, from the heated debates with the masters to the vicious scuffles in the cloisters. Twice already the abbot has taken you aside to remind you that your tuition is a matter of… Continue Reading “The Cardinal Feder”

The Monocerine Longsword

∴ A Noble Encounter ∴ Your fingers sting with cold, despite thick leather gloves. You clamp your hands under your arms and kick at the snow-covered ground. You have no idea how many hours have passed, how many must still pass until daylight trickles… Continue Reading “The Monocerine Longsword”

The Volutio Rapier

∴ A Serpent’s Heart ∴ The curve of the dragon’s head is familiar under your thumb, almost comforting. You follow the sinuous wave with your fingertips, into the vortex of the guard, and for a moment you’re transported. Soft firelight and the scent of… Continue Reading “The Volutio Rapier”

The Accipiter Kriegmesser

∴ A Soaring High ∴ You close your eyes and focus on the threads of thought that are the goshawk’s. A momentary vertigo washes over you, as you accustom yourself to being in two places at once – standing on the solid stone of… Continue Reading “The Accipiter Kriegmesser”