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The Nastrino Sidesword

∴ A Ribbon of Light∴ You stumble down the long, lightless corridor with all the speed you can muster, leather-soled shoes sliding against polished wooden boards. Your heartbeat is erratic as your footsteps – you were never cut out for running, always one to… Continue Reading “The Nastrino Sidesword”

The Auroch Longsword

∴ A Pillar of Strength∴ The first thing you noticed about him was strength. It was the first thing anyone noticed: the ox-like bulk of his shoulders, the proud protrusion of his chest. The great plate-sized hands curling around the blood red grip of… Continue Reading “The Auroch Longsword”

The Peskorda Longsword

∴ An Unexpected Depth∴ With a flick of your wrist you release the smooth, flat stone – just the way your father taught you – and stare after its skittering trail. One skip, two skips, three and it’s gone, lost beneath the glassy surface.… Continue Reading “The Peskorda Longsword”

The Eoderma LongSword

∴ A Creeping Feeling ∴ By this point the corridors have all blurred into a singular indistinct passageway, its rounded marble walls pristine and unmarked, save for the occasional six-sided doorway. Not six-sided like a hexagon, you think with a twinge of superstitious discomfort,… Continue Reading “The Eoderma LongSword”

The Fenestra Longsword

∴ A Humble Warrior ∴ Stone presses into the your knees, cold traveling through your bones and into the heart of you. Your conscious voice begs you to move, to shift just slightly, to relieve some of the pain, the cold, the stiffness –… Continue Reading “The Fenestra Longsword”