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The Strigoi Longsword

∴ A Biting Chill ∴ The fire leaps in its ornate grate, but a shiver struggles free regardless. You breathe on your hands and fold your arms for warmth, casting your eyes warily around you. You feel uncommonly small in the echoing hall, dwarfed… Continue Reading “The Strigoi Longsword”

The Serpentyne Longsword

∴ A Sinuous Weave∴ You wake from dreams of serpents. Always the same: a nest of writhing coils. The cool, glassy sensation of scales against skin. The wordless hiss as the creature stretches its shovel-shaped head toward your ear. Then the gloomy quiet of… Continue Reading “The Serpentyne Longsword”

The Aranarth Scabbard

∴ Rugged Nobility ∴ When tasked to make a scabbard for the Lord of the Rings inspired Aranarth Longsword, a plethora of images immediately flooded my mind. While our client was particularly inspired by the now classic swords and scabbards made by Weta for… Continue Reading “The Aranarth Scabbard”

The Aranarth Longsword

∴ A Waiting Fate∴ With your back to a gnarled blackthorn, you wait. You’ve got good at it over the years. Waiting for a rabbit to trip a well-laid trap. Waiting for darker quarry as well. Waiting for news. For her. For history to… Continue Reading “The Aranarth Longsword”

The Hringr Longsword

∴ A Cunning Protector∴ “I don’t believe you,” you say again, turning the leather-wrapped handle over in your hands. The man sitting opposite you grins, his heavy-lined eyes glinting in the guttering candlelight. “What did you expect?” he asks, “A jewel-encrusted pommel? A glistening… Continue Reading “The Hringr Longsword”