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∴ A Wild Hunt ∴ Kneeling, you brush aside some fallen leaves. The tracks are barely visible in the still-damp earth, but they’re clear enough to confirm your fears. The lines in your weather-beaten skin grow deeper as you grimly consider your quarry’s certain… Continue Reading “Elthrovan”

The Slavic Longsword

∴ A Knightly Counterpart ∴ The needle rushes through stubborn cloth to pierce the pad of your thumb. You curse, then hold up your work for appraisal. The time-worn tabard is no regal regalia, but belted at the waist it might just do. You… Continue Reading “The Slavic Longsword”

The Reiter Longsword

∴ A Striking Statement ∴ The marble is cold beneath bare feet as you step toward the small framed print at the end of the hall. Unwatched, you trace the outline of the knight on horseback – his stance and expression resolute as he… Continue Reading “The Reiter Longsword”

The Bindingsbane Feder

∴ A Training Sword with Bite ∴ You half-step-half-stumble through the sturdy storeroom door and pull it closed behind you. Sinking to the floor, you feel your way over flags, wary of any sound that might give you away. Your fingers brush besom bristles and… Continue Reading “The Bindingsbane Feder”

Your Grandfather’s Sword

∴ A battlefield weapon ∴ You peel back the age-stained linen lining the cracked wooden chest, and there it is. Your grandfather’s sword. As strong and as strange as the man ever was. Awe-struck, you run your fingers over the ridged leather grip, momentarily transported… Continue Reading “Your Grandfather’s Sword”