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The Amroth Scabbard

∴ A Proud Protector ∴ Part of a suite of Lord of the Rings inspired pieces, this scabbard needed to channel the proud history of Gondor, complimenting the bold, masculine design of the Amroth Arming Sword. As a companion piece to the The Aranarth Scabbard,… Continue Reading “The Amroth Scabbard”

The Aranarth Scabbard

∴ Rugged Nobility ∴ When tasked to make a scabbard for the Lord of the Rings inspired Aranarth Longsword, a plethora of images immediately flooded my mind. While our client was particularly inspired by the now classic swords and scabbards made by Weta for… Continue Reading “The Aranarth Scabbard”

The Astaldar Arming Sword

∴ A Valiant Attempt ∴ The air is cool and honeysuckle-scented as you slip unnoticed from the feast. No sooner have you rounded the doorway than the roar of water deluges your senses. You close your eyes to greet the familiar sound, tilting your… Continue Reading “The Astaldar Arming Sword”

The Aranarth Longsword

∴ A Waiting Fate∴ With your back to a gnarled blackthorn, you wait. You’ve got good at it over the years. Waiting for a rabbit to trip a well-laid trap. Waiting for darker quarry as well. Waiting for news. For her. For history to… Continue Reading “The Aranarth Longsword”

The Amroth Arming Sword

∴ A Matter of Honour∴ Through the gathering mists, you glimpse yet another crumbling causeway, a shadow of its former glory. You sigh. Day ninety-eight. Were your feet less sore and the outlook less grim, you would laugh. You left your father’s halls to… Continue Reading “The Amroth Arming Sword”