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The Hringr Longsword

∴ A Cunning Protector∴ “I don’t believe you,” you say again, turning the leather-wrapped handle over in your hands. The man sitting opposite you grins, his heavy-lined eyes glinting in the guttering candlelight. “What did you expect?” he asks, “A jewel-encrusted pommel? A glistening… Continue Reading “The Hringr Longsword”

The Meridia Arming Sword

∴ A Perfect Circle∴ The pocked oak door closes behind you with a muffled thud, soft, as if the building itself is chastened into reverent hush. A familiar scent fills the empty space: yellowed pages, paraffin candles, long-extinguished incense, dust. You wonder if every… Continue Reading “The Meridia Arming Sword”

Custom Steel Gorgets

∴ About ∴ Our articulated steel gorgets start from £120 plus shipping. Made from steel plate and lined with felt and thick leather, these pieces allow for premium protection and individual flair. Made to be as light and low profile as armour will allow, these… Continue Reading “Custom Steel Gorgets”

The Lycan Gorget

∴ A Protective Force ∴ The full moon reaches between bare branches to illuminate the pine-strewn path beneath your feet. Your footfall is only almost muffled by the carpet of fallen needles. Somewhere behind you a branch breaks. The sound is cacophonous in the… Continue Reading “The Lycan Gorget”

The Bellifortis Flail

∴ A Heroic Improbability∴ Time does not grind so much as thud to a standstill, leaving you staring at your adversary, hands tight around the mahogany haft. In that second-between-seconds, you almost want to laugh at the preposterousness of the situation. That it should… Continue Reading “The Bellifortis Flail”