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The Andalus Longsword

∴ An Ornate Echo∴ The summer evening air is perfumed with orange and myrtle, carrying a cascade of memories. You close your eyes and drink in the melody of the place: running water punctuated by a nightingale trill. You fancy you can almost feel the… Continue Reading “The Andalus Longsword”

The Basilica Feder

∴ A Divine Inheritance ∴ Beams of jewel-toned light refract from perfect curves as the scent of incense rises on still, thin air. With a curt bow to the altar, you slip into a side chapel and gesture for the boy to follow. This… Continue Reading “The Basilica Feder”

The Alexandrian Sword (Type XIV)

∴ A Regal Reflection∴ Brass and blue. The evening sun, brazen against the deepening Mediterranean. The treasures of ancient kings, their knowledge forever lost. An unforgiving flame rushing to meet shaded streets. You stare for a long time at the sword in your hand,… Continue Reading “The Alexandrian Sword (Type XIV)”

The Slavic Longsword

∴ A Knightly Counterpart ∴ The needle rushes through stubborn cloth to pierce the pad of your thumb. You curse, then hold up your work for appraisal. The time-worn tabard is no regal regalia, but belted at the waist it might just do. You… Continue Reading “The Slavic Longsword”

The Reiter Longsword

∴ A Striking Statement ∴ The marble is cold beneath bare feet as you step toward the small framed print at the end of the hall. Unwatched, you trace the outline of the knight on horseback – his stance and expression resolute as he… Continue Reading “The Reiter Longsword”