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The Folia Greatsword

∴ A Leaf on the Breeze ∴ You always loved the aspens at this time of year. They are the last orderly thing on the landscape – the tall, austere row that marks the end of your father’s land and the beginning of the… Continue Reading “The Folia Greatsword”

The Hausier Montante

∴ A Fate Entwined∴ Rough hemp cuts into your palms, but you bite your lip and continue to twist. The bitter sting is familiar now. Familiar as the dry, dusty stench of the ropewalk, and the weight of unwound material about your waist. You… Continue Reading “The Hausier Montante”

The Regalium Montante

∴ A Regal Affair ∴ Between fluted arches, the throne sits empty. Instead, its would-be inhabitant stands at the top of the steps, so like a sculpted effigy that for a moment you imagine him to be one. Dark skinned and dressed in robes… Continue Reading “The Regalium Montante”

The Kyndra Montantes

∴ A Kindred Sport ∴ The stable door swings shut behind your brother as he harkens to the call of his comrades. Usually you would chase him, beg him to bring you along, to show you the world beyond the sandstone courtyard. Usually, he… Continue Reading “The Kyndra Montantes”

The Fangen Montante

∴ A Pointed Silence ∴ The door is tall and thin, elongated almost to absurdity with fluted columns supporting an arched lintel. Pale wood is interlaced with studded metal tracery, the design dragging the eye upward as if to further emphasise the height of… Continue Reading “The Fangen Montante”