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The Solana Rapier and Dagger

∴ A Bittersweet Thrill ∴ You kick absently at the grey slate wall, as anxious and impatient and full of desire as you ever are when you wait here. It is the furthest border of her father’s lands – the nearest you dare go,… Continue Reading “The Solana Rapier and Dagger”

The Helyx Rapier

∴ A Spiralling Ascent ∴ The breeze is sweet-scented with mellowing hay and the air is thick with the raucous song of insects. A strand of bearded grass tickles the back of your neck as you crane it to gaze – languidly and longingly… Continue Reading “The Helyx Rapier”

The Acer Rapier

∴ A Spiralling Fall ∴ And the leaves fall on indolently. You wander between their disparate trails as if entranced, pausing only to pick up the occasional visceral red specimen, paper-thin and perfectly formed. It has been seven years since the war. Since flames… Continue Reading “The Acer Rapier”