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The Hiberi Sword

∴ An Enlightening Entanglement ∴ With a sigh you sink down on the bank of the Ebro. It is late in the day, and shadows are settling in the green-velvet folds of the hills across the water. The air is sweet with fermenting reeds,… Continue Reading “The Hiberi Sword”

The Drakamor Sidesword

∴ A Draconic Manoeuvre ∴ “Repel boarders,” you bellow, the command almost lost in the spume. Those men nearest you catch the message above the din of cannon and crashing waves, and relay it down the length of the deck. By this point, there… Continue Reading “The Drakamor Sidesword”

The Chalice Rapier

∴ A Cup Overflowing ∴ You kneel before the altar, the rail before you smoothed by centuries of supplicant hands, the unforgiving flagstones pressing against your knees. Staring down at your own callused fingers, you try to clear your mind of earthly things –… Continue Reading “The Chalice Rapier”

The Agalia Sword

∴ A Splendid Sorority ∴ Pale moonlight is all that illuminates the crumbling mosaic beneath your bare feet, but you know its design by heart. The snaking black patterns around the folly floor, and the three figures entwined at its centre: the Graces. Thalia… Continue Reading “The Agalia Sword”

The Ashvin Swords

∴ A Protective Pairing ∴ They were always a strange spectacle, those splendid youths fencing on the riverbank. They were there every week, like clockwork – truly, like clockwork – feinting and lunging in near-silence as fine ladies on their afternoon strolls ogled behind… Continue Reading “The Ashvin Swords”