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The Helyx Rapier

∴ A Spiralling Ascent ∴ The breeze is sweet-scented with mellowing hay and the air is thick with the raucous song of insects. A strand of bearded grass tickles the back of your neck as you crane it to gaze – languidly and longingly… Continue Reading “The Helyx Rapier”

The Septecord Rapier and Dagger

∴ A Sweeping Gesture ∴ With a pounding heart, you shoulder through the osteria door, keen to keep pace with the taciturn Italian. For months now you’ve been on the trail of the Order, enquiring at inn and abbey alike as to its members,… Continue Reading “The Septecord Rapier and Dagger”

The Vittoriosa Rapier and Dagger

∴ A Stalwart Defence ∴ The stone flags bite at your knees, cramped as they are with time and tension. Ignoring the pain, you roll polished beads between your fingers, murmuring familiar incantations, willing your prayer to drown out the sound of cannon from… Continue Reading “The Vittoriosa Rapier and Dagger”

The Traversare Rapier

∴ A Swift Decision ∴ Something isn’t right. The hairs on the back of your neck let you know before your senses fill in the blanks. The slight draught of a door left ajar. The acrid scent of lamp oil. And is it your… Continue Reading “The Traversare Rapier”

The Vizconde Ropera and Dagger

∴ A Touch of Class ∴ Your fingers fumble at the elaborate fastenings of the black silk doublet and you mutter a curse, earning a clout from your mother. Softening at your expression of utter consternation, she draws you round to face her and… Continue Reading “The Vizconde Ropera and Dagger”