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The Kungensklinga Sidesword

∴ A Royal Bearing∴ Your name sounds unfamiliar as it rings along the long, marble gallery, bedecked with gilt frames and austere painted eyes. How strange to hear it here, plain and pedestrian alongside ancient titles. A small cough from the footman prompts you… Continue Reading “The Kungensklinga Sidesword”

The Castilia Rapier

∴ A Soldier’s Return∴ The parched grass is warm beneath your bare feet, just as you knew it would be. Leaving your leather boots by the roadside, you savour the sensation and venture deeper between the vines. Each pleached row points toward the same… Continue Reading “The Castilia Rapier”

The Glossa Sacra Rapier and Dagger

∴ A Tongue of Flame ∴ Divorced from its source, the moonlight hangs heavy, yet somehow insubstantial. It is as if the entire cathedral is composed of blue-tinged light and shadow: the cool gloom of the pews, the patterns burned in brilliant white onto… Continue Reading “The Glossa Sacra Rapier and Dagger”

The Misrule Rapier

∴ An Arcane Desire∴ In accordance with your vision, the warrior steps onto the shore – as cold and forbidding as the waters she emerges from. Black is her armour, and gleaming black her hair. Black is the hilt of the slender sword at… Continue Reading “The Misrule Rapier”

The Nobilissima Rapier

∴ A Noble Calling∴ Rosy evening rays blush over golden stone and softly lapping waters. A lull settles over the harbour as fishermen and dock workers pause wordlessly to watch the sun perform its swansong. You drink in the salt-tinged air and feel a… Continue Reading “The Nobilissima Rapier”