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The Hessian Longsword

∴ A Listless Repose ∴ The trees whisper with raindrops, deluging the dark earth: that rich, reeking blackness that floods your senses as if you were already buried in it. Water collects in the hem of your hood and trickles cold into your eyes.… Continue Reading “The Hessian Longsword”

The Rubaurum Rapier

∴ A Lordling’s Ransom ∴ The floor of the stable is hard, cold and dirty. You know you must look absurd here in your armour of red and gold, a gem amidst the dung. That’s what the man must be thinking as he watches… Continue Reading “The Rubaurum Rapier”

The Jack of Diamonds Dagger

∴ A Diamond in the Rough ∴ The auburn-haired rogue sways out of the inn, a smile twisting his handsome face and a heavy velvet pouch in his hand. The game was good tonight; the players gullible. There’s still money to be made from… Continue Reading “The Jack of Diamonds Dagger”

The Wayfarer Rapier

∴ A Minor Inconvenience ∴ With the carefully conditioned shuffle of the pious, you hobble over the cobbles toward the city gate. You can smell the capital’s telltale mix of piss and entrails from here – and you have never been so glad to… Continue Reading “The Wayfarer Rapier”

The Wafian Longsword

∴ A Broken Dream ∴ A bowl of cold oats by the remnants of the fire, and birdsong in bare trees. You work at a bit of husk lodged between two teeth with your tongue, and squint into the ash and ember. You dreamed… Continue Reading “The Wafian Longsword”