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The Ondata Sidesword

∴ A Turning Tide ∴ Clenching your fist about a smooth, dark stone you breathe deeply. Focus on its coolth, its stillness, its solidity. It is not enough. With an all-but inaudible cry you hurl the impotent totem into the churning water below and… Continue Reading “The Ondata Sidesword”

The Verzaubert Sidesword

∴ A Charming Dark ∴ The snap of a twig beneath thick-soled boots breaks the silence. You choke back a cry with a nervous laugh. It’s only you. Only your own footsteps on the fabled forest floor. There are stories told about these woods.… Continue Reading “The Verzaubert Sidesword”

The Agalia Sword

∴ A Splendid Sorority ∴ Pale moonlight is all that illuminates the crumbling mosaic beneath your bare feet, but you know its design by heart. The snaking black patterns around the folly floor, and the three figures entwined at its centre: the Graces. Thalia… Continue Reading “The Agalia Sword”

The Ashvin Swords

∴ A Protective Pairing ∴ They were always a strange spectacle, those splendid youths fencing on the riverbank. They were there every week, like clockwork – truly, like clockwork – feinting and lunging in near-silence as fine ladies on their afternoon strolls ogled behind… Continue Reading “The Ashvin Swords”

The Dokkalfar Set

∴ An Unusual Customer∴ You turn the rapier over in your hand, marvelling at how the light plays off the serpentine blade like a cold steel flame. Steadying it on one white-gloved finger, you check its balance, sucking breath through your teeth in surprised… Continue Reading “The Dokkalfar Set”