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The Nastrino Sidesword

∴ A Ribbon of Light∴ You stumble down the long, lightless corridor with all the speed you can muster, leather-soled shoes sliding against polished wooden boards. Your heartbeat is erratic as your footsteps – you were never cut out for running, always one to… Continue Reading “The Nastrino Sidesword”

The Auroch Longsword

∴ A Pillar of Strength∴ The first thing you noticed about him was strength. It was the first thing anyone noticed: the ox-like bulk of his shoulders, the proud protrusion of his chest. The great plate-sized hands curling around the blood red grip of… Continue Reading “The Auroch Longsword”

The Peskorda Longsword

∴ An Unexpected Depth∴ With a flick of your wrist you release the smooth, flat stone – just the way your father taught you – and stare after its skittering trail. One skip, two skips, three and it’s gone, lost beneath the glassy surface.… Continue Reading “The Peskorda Longsword”

The Darkheart Dagger

∴ A Dalliance with the Dark∴ You don’t know why you keep coming here – though the Lord knows it’s not for the food. You glance down at the greying globules, more fat than meat, suspended in a dishwater broth, and grimace. No, it’s… Continue Reading “The Darkheart Dagger”

The Cotyledon Hanger

∴ A Burgeoning Will∴ It had always just been there – the sword; simple; the black leaf of its guard furling about a grip of green leather. As long as you can recall it’s hung over the fireplace, above the grey ashes and below… Continue Reading “The Cotyledon Hanger”