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The Castore Sidesword

∴ An Alternate Viewpoint ∴ The carriage clatters over cobbled streets, its clangour at odds with your hammering pulse. Drawing a silver watch from your pocket, you mark with distaste your hand’s tremor. Ten minutes to twelve. Nearly the alotted time. Nearly the alotted… Continue Reading “The Castore Sidesword”

The Adagio Sidesword

∴ An Unheard Music ∴ The crowd presses about you, constricting as the lace collar about your neck. You feel like gasping for breath, a fish out of water, pulled along by the relentless tide of humanity. Dizzied and drifting, you reach across your… Continue Reading “The Adagio Sidesword”

The Ondata Sidesword

∴ A Turning Tide ∴ Clenching your fist about a smooth, dark stone you breathe deeply. Focus on its coolth, its stillness, its solidity. It is not enough. With an all-but inaudible cry you hurl the impotent totem into the churning water below and… Continue Reading “The Ondata Sidesword”

The Verzaubert Sidesword

∴ A Charming Dark ∴ The snap of a twig beneath thick-soled boots breaks the silence. You choke back a cry with a nervous laugh. It’s only you. Only your own footsteps on the fabled forest floor. There are stories told about these woods.… Continue Reading “The Verzaubert Sidesword”

The Elytra Sword and Dagger

∴ A Solid Defense ∴ Late summer. Long grass waving, dried and waxen in the sun; downy heads tickling the backs of your legs as you run across the meadow; a stream of seeds taking flight in your wake. It’s days like these that… Continue Reading “The Elytra Sword and Dagger”