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The Elytra Sword and Dagger

∴ A Solid Defense ∴ Late summer. Long grass waving, dried and waxen in the sun; downy heads tickling the backs of your legs as you run across the meadow; a stream of seeds taking flight in your wake. It’s days like these that… Continue Reading “The Elytra Sword and Dagger”

The Schwabacher Sword

∴ A Font of Power ∴ From the moment you first wrapped you hand around that broad leather grip, in turn embraced by swooping whorls of black metal, you knew there was no turning back. The image of the thing was imprinted on your… Continue Reading “The Schwabacher Sword”

The Umbeclap Sidesword

∴ A Point Well Made∴ With a scowl on your scarred face that would put stormclouds to shame, you lean back against the wagon and begin to fill your pipe. You like the ritual of it – slow, meticulous, and swiftly rewarded. Much like… Continue Reading “The Umbeclap Sidesword”

The Reifen Sidesword

∴ A Warden’s Friend∴ Perched atop a crenellated wall, you emit a low whistle. Just when you’re ready to quit this place, beauty burns in the bleakness: for the briefest moment the tower’s dull red bricks take on an orange blaze as the sun… Continue Reading “The Reifen Sidesword”

The Epoch Sword

∴ A Golden Dawn∴ You stare listlessly at the rough wooden beams, your eyes so accustomed to the dark after a long, sleepless night that they can pick out every knot, every whorl. And every moment marked by the slow drip, drip, drip of… Continue Reading “The Epoch Sword”