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The Punishment Sabre

∴ A Just Reward ∴ For all its outer grandeur, the lodge is no sanctum of order. As you follow the Chief Constable inside, your eyes dart from detail to dust-rimed detail. The harlequin glass-inlaid walls, the heavy leather-bound tomes sagging in their spines,… Continue Reading “The Punishment Sabre”

The Spindle Smallsword

∴ A Curse Come Good ∴ “Briar Rose,” the old cook shouts as you streak through the kitchen, snatching an apple on your way. “That girl will be the death of me,” she grumbles, watching you disappear into the maze of corridors beyond. You… Continue Reading “The Spindle Smallsword”

The Hermia Smallsword

∴ A Fierce Contender ∴ You curse as your finger finds the errant point of a hairpin, then glance about to be sure no one heard. It isn’t decent, apparently, for a lady to use such language. Pressing the pin more firmly into your… Continue Reading “The Hermia Smallsword”

The Dyad Smallswords

∴ A Certain Duology ∴ “It’s your right to choose”, the copper-haired man says, opening the case. Loathe as you are to show admiration, you cannot repress a low whistle as he pulls back the ivory satin, revealing a pair of slender yet sturdy… Continue Reading “The Dyad Smallswords”

The Maristella Smallsword

∴ A Siren Call∴ A lone and late-to-bed gull makes its keening call, your sole companion as you gaze upon the brooding waters. You can’t explain what wonder this half-rotten wooden groyn holds for you – only that every night since the news of… Continue Reading “The Maristella Smallsword”